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As the president of the Disability Intergroup hungarian Deaf Mep Adam Kósa was intvited to participate on the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for disability policies. The meeting organised by the Spanish Presidency of the European Union took place in Zaragoza (Spain) on 19th May 2010. The aim of this meeting was to learn the current situation of the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the contributions of the new European Disability Strategy.

/Adam Kósa's press release/

Hopefully by the Hungarian Presidency (2011) every member state of the European Union will ratify the UN convention, said Mr Kósa on the Informal Meeting of Ministers. President of the Disabilty Intergorup set out the commitment of states about disability, otherwise the question of aging society, of which members are potential disabled people, lighten issues in what more concrete leap forward has to be done.

„We have to reach more serious results being in the conscious of the thing, that principles are difficult everywhere to be translated to practice without public indignation”, he said.

About the UN convention Mr Kósa stressed, „the success of implementation is mostly up to proper monitoring activity. That’s why all actions confirming the decisions and investments, have to be done.”

Mr Kósa also proposed, the European Commission should confer with the Disability Intergroup in all questions of disability to deal with at EU level. 

The vice-president of the European Commission, Viviane Reding and spanish social minister Trinidad Jimenez Garcia-Herrera were in common with Mr Kósa on the fact that the implementation of the UN Convention seems to have difficulties in some member states.

The first deaf MEP via sign language gave a lecture on questions in employment of disabled people and about their labour market integration in favour of sustainable economy. According to Mr Kósa, member states have been pushed for time to do actions for disabled people, like accessability and equal rights. By reason of aging society without these services a lot of people will be excluded from the daily life.


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